Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DFC: Brand Over Individuals

“DFC is bigger than anyone. It’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than Gert…” were Uyanda Mbuli’s words to me when I interviewed her at the launch of Diamond Face Couture’s Rosebank store in September last year. As I spoke to her I felt a passion for a brand that I certainly felt is the embodiment of modernity and as she aptly put it; “fabulousness”.

Gert, too, displayed enthusiasm for the business the two had started a little over a year before. The brand had grown phenomenally, I think, considering the slow pace with which most brands in this fashion business usually grow. But then again DFC had the backing of Mbuli’s high profile status. Not that it matters, the brand speaks for itself. Girls love pink and this is the brand that took their fantasies of occupying dream castles to higher heights.

It is disheartening therefore to read in the pages of our dailys that the fashion house is seemingly in disrepute with twitter updates and blog gossip going on about shares and this and that and now with Khanyi Mbau entering the fray, as she offers to buy Gert’s shares in the business. Shares that Mbuli’s twittering suggests are non-existant.

Bickering and bullshit aside; I hope that in the midst of all this the words that resonate in mind to this day remain at the centre of that business. “DFC is bigger than me, it’s bigger than Gert.”

Mbuli would do well to bear those words in mind.


Mlwazeni kanina said...

Despite the quote and how powerful Mbuli's status is, Gert has now established a platform for him. Thanks to the relationship they had... Meaning that, on his own he can make it big. But, of course, that will depend on how courageous or coward-ish he is.

Also, it does not matter as to who went to the press and said whatever, that DFC, or any other fashion house, is made solid; by talent and creativity. So, if Mbuli allows Gert to exit, she better think fast and come up with some sort of a miracle to keep DFC on its level and beyond.

Otherwise, they can always talk things through. I mean, by the look of things, the deal was working for both of them; for Mbuli's status and Gert's talent to design.

On the Ms Mbau tip, I choose to reserve my comment till further notice.

Blckseed said...

But does it have to be a miracle that keeps DFC afloat?
I think good luck to Gert and as for Uyanda; I don't pay attention to gossip, so for me, she does strike me as a hard worker.
I certainly wish both of them a great future. Our fashion industry needs them both.