Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A bit of a delayed post on my part, but fuck it...
Last week Thursday, Malibongwe and I hosted the first of what will be a series of parties-cum-exhibition celebrating emerging South African creative talent. The first, as you probably heard, was Unathi Mkonto, an illustrator based in Cape Town. Unathi has been illustrating privately for years and while we were busy working on the second Skattie Magazine edition, we thought it would be great to take a new spin on how art and creativity are celebrated.
The result was an amazing party held at Blank Projects in Woodstock in association with Art South Africa Magazine. Spier Wine Farm, BOS Tea and Bombay Sapphire were gracious enough to sponsor some drinks for our guests and the support shown by the creative community here in Cape Town was just nothing short of amazing! A friend of ours, Zandi Tisane, pointed out that what this event, and the accompanying downloadable zine which is all about Unathi and his work, did for her was to remind her that it's not "our culture that is boring but the way we engage with it". I could never have said it any better, because it's true and for Mali and I it was very exciting to learn that there is indeed space for us to contribute positively to the creative landscape which I think is bursting with talent that is often overlooked or not given any space entirely. We look forward to hosting the next party/exhibition and exposing talent that we are excited about.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to come jam and sip with us. We look forward to hosting all of you and, hopefully, many more people again. Please visit Skattie What Are You Wearing to see the pictures from the party and keep your ears to the ground for future events... Coming sooner than you probably expect! Please click on the banner above to download your free copy of the zine.

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