Monday, November 26, 2012


Every year Joburg's fashion elite get all excited about dressing up and going to the annual SA Style Awards, where- as the title suggests- the country's most stylish are supposedly honoured. Let me not be completely negative, there are some categories where I think the honourees are well deserving, but more often than not I find myself just a little annoyed. In the years that I have paid any attention to what goes on at these awards the following people have been named winners in the overall category of Style Icon- Ryk Neethling in 2010, Pabi Moloi in 2011 and this year our Olympic golden boy Cameron van der Burgh took the honours. Somebody, please slit my wrists for me! These South Africans are deserving of honour in a variety of ways but I doubt their style qualifies them for this type of accolade. Ask me for one memorable outfit I have ever seen any of them in and I can tell you right now I don't remember anything Pabi has ever worn and all I have ever seen Ryk and Cameron in are speedos and the ever-so-safe black or navy suit. Life changing, innit? What do YOU find memorable in the countless red carpet shots of the three that you've seen in the years they were honoured?

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