Tuesday, August 30, 2011



This blogger was lucky enough to be one of the privileged few to get an invitation to meet and break bread with one of the global fashion industry's most recognisable bloggers, Bryanboy. He is in the country for the week and will be handing over the blogger award at the Marie Claire Prix d'Excellent de la Mode awards tomorrow and how incredible it was to meet someone I have followed quite closely for a couple of years now. This morning we were given the opportunity to speak to Bryan about his success as a blogger, his trips around the world and commercialising what remains, for him, a very personal blogging experience.
While most of us see him as the posterboy of the fashion blogosphere, he says he doesn't see himself as a force. "I think it's all hype," he said this morning.
It was truly a great morning and thanks a mil to Marie Claire magazine and Sunglass Hut for affording me this opportunity. Truly fab!

Bryanboy sharing his blogging experience

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