Friday, February 18, 2011

Joburg Fashion Week and Other Details

At Joburg Fashion Week this year- currently underway at various venue across the city- Suzaan Heyns remains, for me, the undisputed champion of conceptual interpretation with a show introduced by a short film. In it, surgeons operate on a garment and the anatomy of the human body is explored through clothes; layered, asymmetrical cuts, nude colours, blacks, browns, etc. Some designers are able to communicate their vision through clothes without saying a word about the meaning of their collections. Others will bandy about and simply display beautiful clothes with no particular vision behind them. It begs the question; do we go to fashion week to see a show or do we go to see what designers have been up to?

Granted, the purpose of showcasing serves to expose the designer’s work to an audience but then, if a designer will- year in, year out- keep exhibit the same ol’ same ol’ at the same ol’ same ol’ platform, is there really a point to it? Would it not rather be better to express creativity, to sell an idea rather than a name? #justathought

I haven’t been blogging much lately, and for that I do apologise. I would, however, like to share with you what I’ve been up to. In the past week I’ve been blogging on (the other blog I do), I’ve been writing daily fashion week reviews for, extracts from both these sites have been used to construct an article under my byline in The Times newspaper and I’ve been on the eNews Channel morning news, discussing fashion week. I am very proud of these achievements and hope you will remain with me on my journey towards fashion world domination *evil laugh*… Okay, maybe not, but the journey I speak of is about my continued activism to dispel the idea that fashion is frivolous and hopefully to contribute to a better South African fashion industry, where designers can realize the full potential of their businesses beyond the catwalk, more commercially.

Enough about me; here are some pics from last night at JFW, as well as my picks from Kutloano Molokomme and Jessica Sutherland’s collections at the Fasttrack event held this past Tuesday night at Joburg’s Fashion Kapitol in the inner city.

Kutloano Molokomme
Jessica Sutherland


Abigail Betz

Spero Villioti

Wild Fig

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