Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Are you a fashionista?
Well, if you define yourself as an avid follower of fashion, read: fashion victim, then- according to Wikipedia you fit the description perfectly!
I don’t know if I fall under such a description. I don’t see myself as a victim for fashion, but rather a lover of design. What interests me, beyond being the one in those threads (I must admit such is not a bad idea), is the industry from which they come. Am I still a fashionista?
Am I a fashionista ‘cause I love the glitz and glamour (although I do get exhausted by it quite quickly) of front row (thank God I’m a journo) and the sight of wine guzzling, cigarette murdering, stilletto wearing folk who are the members of plastic world? Am I fashionista ‘cause I don’t mind an entire night of ramp walking skinny girls and lads on FTV? Or does merely being a part of this world automatically qualify you for fashionistaism, for lack of a better term.
It might seem to you that I’m dissing this world… I’m not! I love it to bits. Those who know me well will tell you so. I can’t miss fashion week for the world! It’s something I look forward to… well, since we have gazillions of them in South Africa… I look forward to it almost every three months.
So, am I a fashionista? Whatever the answer may be I must warn you, should you be considering a career in the fashion industry, the fashion bug DOES bite! Hard!!!

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